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Art stands with YOU!



Arthur Radford Baker is ready to serve YOU in Congress.
He has a strong background in public service and is committed to working for the people.

Art's top priorities include battling the crime that has become a stain on our communities, creating more

living wage jobs, improving schools, and making public safety a top priority. With decades of experience

in government, Art knows how to find solutions, navigate complex governmental agencies, and most

importantly...GET THINGS DONE!


While I certainly have beliefs and opinions on various topics and issues, it is my desire to represent YOU, THE PEOPLE, on these matters before the United States Congress. So many Members, when they get elected, advocate for their own beliefs and disregard a good number of their constituents. I WILL REPRESENT YOU. Here are a few of my thoughts on key topics and I want to hear yours....


I intend to visit every community within the Third District. I am ready to discuss with all residents the issues you care about. Many of us are either active participants in the political process or what I call the "slumber party." These are constituents who have not been actively involved in politics...they have busy lives, jobs, schools, family responsibility. Sometimes they assume that everything is on auto-pilot. They are honest, tax paying, hard working citizens. The "slumber party" is the silent majority. They are often awakened to be horrified at what the world and this country have become, what the laws allow, and how in many instances we have lost our voices. It is not wrong to be in the "slumber party." They are the majority, not the people out violently protesting, burning buildings down, or impeding traffic to make their political point. The slumber party consists of hard-working people who have trudged to work each day, raised families, held many responsibilities, and are too respectful of the law to engage in violent activities. They rarely participate in polling. They are the vote that makes change and causes surprises on election night...when they vote. Please cast your vote for me. This is a new district...make it your district...make your voice heard! I will represent ALL of the district. 



It should come as no surprise that my number one issue is crime. As a law enforcement professional for over 35 years, I can never recall a time in my professional life where people seem so concerned about being victimized by violent crime. We have to stop vilifying the police and return to taking violent offenders off the street and keeping them off the street. Policing must be returned to a respected profession and a calling that is worthy of devoting a lifetime of service to. Everyone deserves due process.


It is now cliché but guns don't kill people... people kill people with guns. I have carried a weapon on and off duty for approximately 35 years, most of my adult life. Any law-abiding citizen that wants to exercise their Second Amendment right to protect themselves and their family if necessary should be able to do so without any undo interference by the state. While I do believe there should be minimum qualifications and training standards, I do not believe a state should obstruct the rights of law-abiding citizens to conceal-carry, especially in a state where violent crime has become the norm.




The citizens of this country and the state of Maryland pay way too much of THEIR money in taxes. Money that is often wasted. Gambling and marijuana use in many of our states, including Maryland, is now legal. It has been reported that Maryland, in the first 3 months of legalized marijuana sales generated around 12 million dollars in profit...will that lower our taxes? Has gambling revenue lowered our taxes? The taxing authorities act as if our money belongs to them. The money belongs to the PEOPLE and the people need more of a say in how it is spent...taxes MUST be reduced across the board. Families first, not the tax man!


Education is the foundation for a successful future. I support policies that increase responsible funding for schools, improve teacher pay and benefits, and make higher education and education in the trades more accessible and affordable for everyone. Parents should be able to choose what is best for their kids. I do not support busing your students to schools not in your neighborhood. When you bought your homes, you researched the school systems serving your community. You have a right to expect that your kids will go to the schools in their neighborhoods and not spend time commuting to other areas. I would support tax credits for parents who choose to send their kids to private school. While many of these issues are local, I would ensure that Federal dollars did not fund educational programs and projects that did not focus on learning core subjects, passing tests and graduating.


We are a nation of immigrants. Some of my ancestors came to this country from Greece. Some through Ellis Island and some through Baltimore. They came to the United States legally. We welcome legal immigrants. Our borders must be secure and a reasonable immigration policy implemented. No Federal dollars to fund sanctuary cities. Come to our country through the front door and you will be greeted with open arms.

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